Sirena Turquesa – Marble and Turqouise Vase / Candle Holder


Inspired in the turquoise sea and its sandy beaches of Mexico, this stunning, hand-blown vase with turquoise and marbled flakes is ideal for that chic, Mediterranean look. Use the glass piece as a flower vase or candle holder. The tinted glass is translucent, giving fine lighting when it is used with a pillar candle.

Not only pretty, the Sirena Turquesa Edition is a sustainable piece as it is made from 100% recycled glass.

Material: 100% Recycled glass
Colour: Turquoise and brown marble
Texture: Flaked
Dimensions: Available in three sizes: 8×8, 16×8 (standard) and 20×10 cms
Origin: Mexico

*Wash by hand
**When using as a candle holder, please use a pillar candle and carefully centre them in the middle of the base of the vase


Classic, Modern, Rustic


8x8cms, 16x8cms, 20x10cms, Set of 3


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