Discover our Mexican, Blue & Turquoise Vases – hand-blown from recycled glass

Add a touch of blue to your decor with La Galeria Design’s range of blue and turquoise handmade vases.

Nube – Artisan Blue & White | Mexican Hand Blown Vase

Inspired in the blue Mexican skies, the Nube Edition vase is ideal to create a sophisticated and peaceful decor. With a blue and white pattern, the glass piece is hand-blown in Mexico from recycled glass. A classic design.

A video showing how we make our Mexican hand-blown glass

Many of our costumers ask us how we make our glass pieces with different designs and textures. Originally from Mexico, I have been inspired by its colourful roots and the traditional Mexican hand-blowing techniques to design La Galeria’s glass pieces. With their glass workshop in Tonalá, we have redefined the Mexican glass tradition with its unique range of vases, candle holders, bowls and drinking glasses.

Made from recycled glass, we are committed to fair trade principles and placing an emphasis on environmental sustainability, maintaining a premium quality in its exceptional finish and life duration of each piece.

Check out this video showcasing our process.

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Discover our luxury handmade scented candles

La Galeria is proud to introduce a new, wonderful collection of luxury handmade candles. Our artisan candles collection are hand blended and poured into hand blown glassware. Crafted in Mexico, they are ethically made with only premium ingredients, the scents vary from traditional floral, to fruity to exotic.

There is indeed a smell for every occasion to evoke your most vibrant and treasured memories.  Our candles are perfect for any candle lover, whether you are buying them for yourself or as a gift for somebody else.

Green Apple & Cinnamon Scented Candle


Experience the smell of Christmas with green apple and cinnamon scented candle.

A favorite Christmas gift, this unique scented candle will bring the Christmas spirit to your home. Hand-poured into a luxurious, marbled finish, hand blown glass is an ideal accessory to create a warm, yet, elegant atmosphere.

Why not enhance it with our Sirena Vase Edition, recently featured in “The World of Interiors Magazine”

Berry Burst Scented Candle


Discover our Berry Burst scented candle

This yummy scented candle is a true delight to your nose and eyes! Enjoy of a exotic, fruity aroma while the red and purple glass flakes shine beautifully, giving a stain glass effect when it burns through.

Once it has burnt through, use your hand blown piece with a tealight candle or create your unique drinking glasses collection.

Vanilla Scented Candle


Fall in love with our artisan Vanilla scented candle.

Sophisticated and elegant, this hand blown glass with white flakes and dripping dark chocolate is filled with a delicious Vanilla scent. While you burn it and enjoy the scent, the light will beautifully reflect through the white flakes, creating a gorgeous stain glass effect.

Once it has burnt through, use your hand blown piece with a tealight candle or create your unique drinking glasses collection.

Why not enhance it with our Perla Edition vase?

An ideal birthday or wedding gift.

Floral Scented Candle


Discover our colourful floral scented candles

Inspired on the colourful floral fields of Mexico, this handmade candle carefully combines floral scents evoking a fresh, yet elegant aroma. Poured into a hand blown piece, admire the light coming through each multi-coloured petals while it burns. A unique collection piece.

Coconut Scented Candle


Escape to the seaside with our handcrafted coconut scented candle.

Our best seller! Evoke a breezy morning in Acapulco, with our handmade coconut scented candle. Contemplate the turquoise and brown swirls on the hand blown glass shine while the candle burns through.

Once it has burnt through, use your hand blown piece with a tealight candle or create your unique drinking glasses collection.

Why not enhance it with our Arte Deco Vase Edition?

Fresh Linen Scented Candle


Feel the freshness with our handcrafted  Fresh Linen scented candle.

Our fresh linen scented candle is ideal to maintain a fresh feeling to your home. Hand-poured into a gorgeous hand blown glass, the light will beautifully reflect through the white flakes, creating a stain glass effect while it burns.

Once it has burnt through, use your hand blown piece with a tealight candle or create your unique drinking glasses collection.

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La Galeria Design featured on The World of Interiors


Hooray! We’ve been featured in The World of Interiors, July 2016 edition dedicated to independent designers who specialise in handmade and unique.

LA GALERIA DESIGN presents the Sirena Edition – a luxurious, marble finish hand blown glass candle holder with copper tones. Its versatile design means it can also be used as flower vase and it is ideal to create a warm, yet, elegant atmosphere. Bold and sophisticated, La Galeria Design combines traditional Mexican handcrafting techniques with modern patterns for a chic home décor. Buy the Sirena vase now

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La Galeria Mexican hand made plateware, Mexican hand blown glassware in London, UK

There is a modern side to Mexico’s hand-crafted tradition.

With colourful designs, fine engraved details discover La Galeria – Mexican home decor for the British interiors.
Our Mexican hand made collection is high-end and unique, ready to add colour to the festive celebrations. Continue reading

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La Galeria’s Home Décor colourful homeware collection is hand made, quirky, yet high-end, ideal for any festive occasion. Celebrate colour design with our hand blown glassware and hand painted tableware.

Discover La Galeria hand crafted multi colour designs.

Celebrate colour with our hand made glassware collection

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Bold colour tumbles
Bold colour tumbles
Hand painted glasses
Hand painted glasses
Multi coloured wine glasses
Multi coloured wine glasses
Hand blown glassware
Hand blown glassware
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Hand made glasses
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Colorid swirled glasses
Blue coloured cocktail glass
Blue coloured cocktail glass
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Painted tumblers
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Coloured swirl glass
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Festive colourful glasses
Multi coloured glassware
Multi coloured glassware






Hand blown tumbler glassware
Hand blown tumbler glassware




La Galeria – Mexican Hand-Craft has arrived to SW6, London

Hola! La Galeria – Mexican Hand-craft has arrived to SW6, London! Discover our fine pottery made of Talavera Ceramic and hand-blown glass homeware, dinnerware and glassware. To celebrate our big opening, checkout our sales or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for exclusive promotions and prizes.

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