Christian Ferragamo and Fabrizzio Spindola (co-founders)
Christian Ferragamo and Fabrizzio Spindola (co-founders)

About La Galeria Design

Based in West London, La Galeria Design is a small family business co-founded by Fabrizzio Spindola and Christian Ferragamo. Originally from Mexico, Fabrizzio has been inspired by his colourful roots and the traditional Mexican hand-crafting techniques to create La Galeria’s unique homeware.

“We want to make every moment a celebration by bringing warmth
and excitement to the living spaces”

Being committed to fair trade principles and placing an emphasis on environmental sustainability, we use recycled glass to create our unique and premium hand blown pieces.

Recently featured in ‘The World of Interiors’ magazine which celebrated ‘designers specialised in handmade and unique’, Fabrizzio and Christian are constantly exploring Mexico’s glorious landscapes and lifestyle, looking for new inspirations. When they are in London, you can find them in the Piccadilly Craft Market at the heart of West End.